Our Seafarm

Good Clean Waters

Located in pristine waters off Pulau Tekong, Prime Aquaculture seafarm is located approximately 30 minutes by boat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Away from civilisation and pollution, our farm location boast strong water currents that brings clean waters and filtered by the nearby mangrove swamp, thus maintaining optimum water quality. Our fish thrives in our farms so that we could deliver safe and top quality products to the markets!

Farming Philosophy

Sustainable Resources

Prime Seafarm uses renewable energy and maintains biodiversity. It is equipped with solar panels to provide clean energy for operations of farming machinery, equipment, office and living areas. It uses seawater treatment system to desalinate seawater and collects rain water for general cleaning purposes.

Conducive Living & Working

The crew on board comprises experts in the field of Marine Biology, Aquaculture as well as experienced aquaculture farmers. We provide conducive living and working environment, to make the stay on the farm pleasant. We believe sustainable sea-farming is achievable by engaging people passionate in the field and wanting welfare for both man and fishes.

A Floating Island Concept

Our seafarm is designed with functionality in mind. It is built with quality materials in order to provide a safe and conducive working environment for our crew. The entire farm 3 ha farm is connected with a central bridge making it accessible as one unit. Fish is protected from predators using strong nets and bird proofing.

Biodiversity & Ecology Technology

A monoculture (single species farming) environment runs the risk of diseases and concentrated pollution from feed and wastes. Prime Aquaculture overcome the problem by culturing a variety of fish species popular with consumers at our farm. This approach has allowed us to minimise disease outbreak at our farm and also achieved a good Benthic Assessment outcome in 2020 for maintaining the ecological balance in the area.


Taisheng No. 1 Cargo Boat Parked at Our Seafarm

Aerial View of Prime Aqua Seafarm

Fish Production Units

Crab Production Units

High Pressure Net Washer

Sea Water Filter

Automatic Fish Feeder

Underwater Net Washer

Hybrid Groupers