Our Produce

Freshness & Quality Assurance

Our seafood is so fresh there is nothing fishy about it! Firstly, transportation time is shorter compared to imports - from harvest to store within 24 hours - simply because we are nearer. Our fish have distinctively bright, clear eyes, significantly firmer meat and no muddy taste. We ensure our farmed animals are fed with quality fish food and natural feeds from the sea, and no hormones are applied to accelerate their growth. Combined with Iot to track surrounding waters, systems to monitor water conditions, AI (Artificial Intelligence) to track fish movement to detect abnormalities early, we are able to produce quality seafood that not only tastes good, but are also are safe to consume.

Food safety and quality assurance is in the heart of every Prime-farmed produce.

Good Aquaculture Practice Accreditation Applications in Progress

Prime Seafarm is in the process of applying for good aquaculture practice accreditations. We abide by guidelines of GAP which are developed with reference to internationally recognised standards and adapted to ensure they are relevant to the local farming industry.

Prime Farms are strongly committed to sustainable farming practices, which protect the environment while providing safe and healthy farm-fresh produce.

Our fish is produced with reference to internally accredited GAP guideline. We are in the process of applying for the 2021 Singapore GAP accreditation.