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Growing for the Nation

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Mission 30 - 30

Singapore imports over 90% of food consumed in the country. Despite higher-than-average consumption of seafood compared to the rest of the world, only 9% of all fish consumed in Singapore is produced locally. To ensure a steady, uninterrupted supply of food in Singapore - mitigating risks such as food supply bans, virus outbreaks, shortages due to weather changes or inflation from exporting countries - the nation aims to produce 30% of the country's nutrient needs by the year 2030. In line with this mission, Prime Aquaculture strives to plug the gap in domestic fish production.

Our Philosophy

Founded on the Tai Sheng philosophy of “Symbiosis, Sharing and Harmony”, we believe in the maintenance of the delicate ecological balance between man and nature. In order to build a world that is sustainable for generations by prioritising creativity, diversity and sustainability culture of mankind.

When one takes care of the environment, all beings benefit.

From Farm to Table

Our Seafarm

Situated in Singapore waters in the east coast of Pulau Tekong, Prime Seafarm is a floating farm that can be accessed half-an-hour by boat from Changi Village. It is located away from crowded human settlement.

Our Produce

From Harvest to Store in 24 hours! Farm-fresh, sustainably farmed, no hormones, firm texture, no mud taste. Quality Red Snapper, Sea Bass (Barramundi), Threadfin, Hybrid Grouper, and Crab at your convenience.

Our Channels

The affordable freshness from the sea is brought to you at our own Prime Supermarket, located right in your neighbourhood. Beyond this, its sister company “Combine.SG” provides a wide array of grocery products at attractive prices.

Our History

Hailing from 3 Generations of Farming, Prime originates from a Singapore-owned organic farm in Shanghai. Prior to that, the family-run business used to own the largest pig farm in Singapore.